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GIS and E911 Addressing


What is GIS?

GIS (Geographic and Information Systems) is a system of computer hardware, software and procedures to facilitate the management, manipulation, analysis, modelling, representation and display of georeferenced data to solve problems regarding planning and management of resources.

CDS uses Geographic Information Systems for land use planning, transportation and infrastructure planning, facilities management, real estate analysis and many other applications. We can create customized mapping products based on customer supplied data in addition to use and analysis of in-house products.

The CDS/GIS Department prides itself in working closely with all the City utility departments, as well as the Surface and Stormwater Utility. We strive to maintain an atmosphere of cooperation and accurate services to the City of Hopkinsville and all its citizens. Let us know what we can do for you!


E911 Addressing

The E911 Coordinator is the authority for addressing in Christian County. Upon request, the E911 Coordinator assigns the correct E911 Address for new developments and updates the E911 Database with the telephone company. Additionally, the E911 Coordinator collects the location of the structure by means of Global Positioning System (GPS) coordinates for input into E911 Mapping.

The E911 Coordinator resolves E911 Address conflicts by collaboration with the US Postal Service and the local telephone company. In some situations, the E911 Coordinator will make a recommendation to the Christian County E911 Advisory Board for a decision.

The E911 Coordinator shall review all new road and street names for acceptability. Duplicate or like-sounding names are unacceptable. Road name changes shall be presented to the E911 Advisory Board for recommendation to the appropriate Legislative body, for example City Council or Fiscal Court.

For more information on our GIS Department or 911 Addressing, please read our GIS Brochure or the E911 Brochure.

Listed below are an assortment of maps generated by personnel in the GIS Department.


GIS and E911 Addressing Brochures and Forms