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The Community Development Division is responsible for implementing several programs for the City.

We administer the Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) Program which provides funding for the development of decent, safe and sanitary housing and efforts to expand economic opportunities principally for low- and moderate-income families, persons, and areas that might otherwise not be made available.

The Community Development Division is also responsible for implementation of the Inner-City Residential Enterprise Zone. This is an initiative that has been undertaken by Hopkinsville City Council since 2005 in an effort to revitalize and rehabilitate four (4) targeted inner-city residential neighborhoods and the downtown business district.  This initiative, commonly referred to as the Inner-City REZ, is being funded through a City appropriation of $500,000 per year.

The Neighborhood Associations and Downtown Renaissance Program drive the grass roots approach to clean and safe neighborhoods, housing stock revitalization efforts, economic infrastructure improvements, and affording economic opportunities. The Community Development Division is responsible for a majority of the grant writing and grant administration for City projects primarily targeting funds for transportation improvements, public art, park improvements, trail conversion, and building restoration.

Housing Programs for Residents

Community Development Block Grant (CDBG)

Consolidated Annual Performance Evaluation Report (CAPER)

Inner City Residential Enterprise Zone (Inner City REZ)

The City of Hopkinsville’s Inner-City Residential Enterprise Zone is an initiative being undertaken by Hopkinsville City Council in an effort to revitalize and rehabilitate four (4) targeted inner-city residential neighborhoods and the downtown business district. This initiative, commonly referred to as the Inner-City REZ, is being funded through a City appropriation of $500,000 per year over a five (5) year period.

To date, the following legislation has been adopted by Hopkinsville City Council as a result of the Inner-City REZ Program:

  • Basic Property Maintenance Code serves as a tool for providing tenants with relief regarding sub-standard housing while also serving as a tool for requiring all properties to be maintained to a minimum standard.
  • The Neighborhood Networks Ordinance provides parameters by which neighborhood groups can seek funding for programs and projects within their neighborhoods.
  • The Abandoned Urban Properties Ordinance allows the City to tax “abandoned” properties at $1.50 per $100 assessed value in an effort to encourage property owners to make improvements to their properties
  • The Downtown 50/50 Matching Grant Program provides a reimbursement of up to $10,000 for the acquisition and restoration of properties along the main corridors in the downtown area.

Downtown Renaissance District

Community and Development Services operates the City of Hopkinsville’s Main Street Program under the Local Development Corporation, a local non-profit organization. More commonly known as the Downtown Renaissance District Program, our mission statement indicates “The Downtown Renaissance Program will undertake community development activities in the Downtown Renaissance Area to provide an attractive, accessible, sustainable, walkable, business-friendly hub that honors our past through historic preservation and welcomes our future.” We accomplish these tasks through the administration of incentive programs, promoting and supporting new and existing downtown businesses, partnering with other community organizations to bring events downtown, undertaking physical improvements, managing both residential and commercial properties within the District, and marketing the Downtown Renaissance District as a destination for visitors and residents alike.

The Hopkinsville and Christian County Landbank Authority, Inc. has been established to acquire and dispose of tax-delinquent properties within the Inner-City REZ area. It is their goal to return vacant properties within the inner-city to a useful state through providing housing, economic development, or recreational spaces.

Housing Incentive Programs for Developers

Inner City REZ Boundaries

Inner City REZ Market Study

Interagency Governmental Taskforce

EHI, Inc

Dennison Associates Report

Community Model Block Concepts

Neighborhood Network Association Websites

Downtown Renaissance

Ordinances & Agreements

As a result of recommendations from the Inner City Advisory Committee, several ordinances have been adopted to meet the goals of the Inner City REZ program.

Landbank Authority

“Fostering the public purpose of housing, economic development, and job creation through acquisition and disposal of property in order to help revitalize the community.”

Contact Information:
Laura Faulkner/Manager Community Development


Community Development and Inner City REZ Brochures and Forms