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Code Enforcement

The Code Enforcement Department is a one-stop shop for local construction plan review, construction permitting and inspection needs.

The Department offers reviews of residential and commercial construction plans, issues permits and performs inspections of projects that construct, modify, repair or alter structures, systems and components to ensure projects are built safely and in compliance with State and Local building codes and ordinances.

The Code Enforcement Department also works in partnership with the citizens of Hopkinsville to promote and maintain a safe and desirable living and working environment through the enforcement of the Basic Property Maintenance Code and other nuisance and land use codes. We administer a fair and unbiased enforcement program to correct violations of City codes and ordinances, and strive for an end result of a clean attractive community.

Our goals include

  • The enforcement of the Basic Property Maintenance Code, nuisance and land use codes whose purpose is to maintain and preserve existing structures, both residential and commercial
  • Reduce the number of substandard housing units within the City
  • Reduce the number of abandoned or inoperable/unlicensed motor vehicles on private property and on the public right of way
  • Improve aesthetics (reduce debris, trash, overgrown yards, graffiti)
  • Reduce the number of unsafe structures in the City
  • Ensure that the use of property within the City is consistent with its designated zoning district

Whether you are remodeling a home, building your dream home, constructing a commercial building, or just want to help maintain a clean and attractive City; we look forward to serving you.


Codes Department Brochures and Forms



Schedule of Fees



Guthrie collects and issues their permits.



Single Family $50.00 plus 13 cents per square foot

Residential Addition – $25.00 plus 13 cents per square foot

Accessory Structure over 200 square foot – $25.00 plus 13 cents per square foot

Accessory Structure under 200 square foot – $25.00

Accessory Pools and Decks – $25.00


Christian County

Duplex – $50.00 plus 13 cents per square foot

Multiple Family – $200.00 plus 15 cents per square foot



Single Family – $50.00 plus 20 cents per square foot

Duplex – $50.00 20 cents per square foot

Accessory Structure – $25.00

Residential Addition – $25.00



Code Enforcement Board


Current Code Enforcement Board members are:
Rodney Davis
James Bruce, Jr.
Chris Spurr
Peggy Everett
Wendell Green
David Howell
Cowan Brooks


Another member will be added soon as one of our members has resigned.


We meet on the 2nd Tuesday of the month in the Council Chambers. We also meet on the 4th Tuesday of the month as needed in the Council Chambers.