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CDS Commissioners

Mark Henderson Mark Henderson Chair (Represents the City of Hopkinsville)
Ben Bolinger Ben Bolinger Vice Chair (Represents the City of Pembroke)
Casey Brown Casey Brown (Represents the City of Lafayette)
Bruce Smiley Bruce Smiley (Represents the City of Hopkinsville)
John Mahre John Mahre (Represents Christian County)
Dan Thomas Dan Thomas (Represents Christian County)
Jim Fleming Jim Fleming (Represents Christian County)
Michael Cansler Michael Cansler (Represents the City of Hopkinsville)
Ray Cobb Ray Cobb (Represents the City of Hopkinsville)
Steve Keel Steve Keel (Represents the City of Hopkinsville)
Jack Elliott Jack Elliott (Represents the City of Oak Grove)
Ron Adams Ron Adams (Represents the City of Crofton)
Steve Underwood Steve Underwood (Attorney)


We meet on the 4th Monday of each month at 7:00 p.m. in the Hopkinsville Municipal Building Council Chamber, unless a special called meeting is held.


Business is being conducted by appointment or phone only