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Stormwater Management
Community Dev & Inner City REZ
GIS Mapping and E911 Addressing


Mark Henderson - Chair  (Represents the City of Hopkinsville)

Ben Bolinger - Vice Chair - (Represents the City of Pembroke)

Susan Boggess - (
Represents the City of Lafayette)

Bruce Smiley - (
Represents the City of Hopkinsville)

John Mahre - (Represents the Fiscal Court)

Dan Thomas - (Represents the Christian County)

Jim Fleming - 
(Represents the Christian County)

Mike Cansler - (Represents the City of Hopkinsville)

Ray Cobb -
(Represents the City of Hopkinsville)

Steve Keel -
(Represents the City of Hopkinsville)

Jack Elliott -
(Represents the City of Oak Grove)

Ron Adams - (Represents the City of Crofton)

Steve Underwood - (Attorney)